Munnu’s Midnight Feast

A bedtime story for little kids and those of us who are kids at heart 🙂

Keyword: Moon

The moon was round,
The moon was whole.
It was whiter than milk,
And softer than snow.

Oh, how the eyes of the boy,
Who lived down below,
Lit up with delight at the sight of the moon
So round and so whole.

Munnu now drooling
Smacked his lips with delight.
The moon looked delicious.
Made of chocolates, whipped cream,
Marshmallows and flavored ice!

Up the ladder carved of moonlight
He went up for a bite.
There he munched and he slurped
Till he was covered in white.

It tasted like frosting, like licorice, like fudge.
It tasted like milkshakes with cookies and stuff.

Crisper than wafers,
And sweeter than cream.
More delicious than cake batter,
It was dripping ice cream!

The boy ate and ate
Till he was more than just full.
Then he went back to bed
Dreaming of another full moon.

[And as he slept, his mom and dad climbed up the same ladder with pitchers in hand, to fill up the moon with even more yummier food.]