Lines across the universe


Lines across the universe
Those famous lines
That our hands define
They make me yours
They make you mine

And when these lines
Grow faint and stop
And we find ourselves
Lost and without love
Wondering what made us click
In the first place

And we go like crazy
In search of ourselves
The pieces of us
Scattered across the space
Blaming each other
For this messy state
Our stupid hearts
How could they have fooled us again?

It’s then we’ll catch a glimpse of us
Across the lines through the universe
Across the trains, across the plains
We’ll realize it wasn’t us, it was our pain

These lines
Through time and space
They’ll regrow
The monsters we’ve made of each other
Will burn off in their afterglow
The doubts we had, what tore us apart
Won’t matter, struck out by the lines of our hearts
For you and I
We were made to last


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